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How to choose bathroom tile?

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Nowadays, there are many kinds of bathroom tiles in the market, with various patterns. But you won't choose the tiles and archaize tiles you don't like. If the shopping guide doesn't rely on music score, your house may have to put the floor tiles on the wall. So floor tiles are really suitable for the wall, how to choose bathroom tiles?
Water absorption of subversive cognition
Wall tiles and floor tiles, a little understanding can know that the water absorption of wall tiles is high, and the water absorption of floor tiles is low. So what exactly does water absorption represent? It's dense, hard and wear-resistant.
Stroll when building materials, pour water on the back of ceramic tile, test will find that the water absorption of the two is not much difference.
What's the difference in the price of wall and floor tiles?
With the improvement of the technology, the price difference is determined by the technology. In order to create those fine textures, these processes will also make the density of the tiles more and more compact, and the water absorption of the corresponding tiles will also be reduced. Finally, the cost of technology falls to the consumers, and the magnificent floor tiles are of course super expensive.
Why do most kitchen and bathroom tiles grow casually?
The high water absorption shows that its technology is relatively simple, so the price of the kitchen and bathroom wall tiles is also cheap, and businesses are naturally reluctant to spend time to make it look good. On the other hand, the price of ceramic tile is related to its size. However, if the toilet floor tiles are too large, it will be very troublesome to find the slope, which has no advantage in size, so the floor tiles of kitchen and bathroom are much cheaper than those of other areas.
Why are businesses so keen to publicize the floor tiles on the wall in the bathroom?
The floor tiles are thicker than the wall tiles, and the water absorption is smaller. If the treatment is not good, it is easy to cause hollowing and falling, and it is difficult to pave; then the floor tiles and the wall are bonded with tile glue instead of cement. Then, the corresponding labor and material costs will increase.
Look at the design and water absorption performance
Get ceramic tile first check whether its decor is clear, have trachoma and empty drum. The second is to pour water on the back of the tiles. Here we should focus on whether the diffusion range and absorption rate are uniform when the tiles absorb water.
Whether the floor tiles are antiskid
It should be noted that the floor tiles in the toilet should be matte and anti-skid tiles. Anti skid tiles are water splashed on the floor, and the surface of the tiles is astringent. This kind of floor tile is more friendly to the elderly and children in the family.
If you don't know what size of tiles your bathroom is suitable for, you can remember that the two numerical wall tiles are 300 * 600 in general and 300 * 300 in floor tiles. These sizes are not limited by space size, but just right.
Why limit the so-called kitchen and bathroom tiles? If you think the patterns of the kitchen and bathroom tiles on the market are passable, they can still be used. From all aspects of construction and tile prices, kitchen and bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles are the best cost-effective. How to choose ceramic tile on the one hand lies in the craft on the one hand lies in oneself like, can choose suitable ceramic tile to decorate your kitchen according to the concrete situation of oneself home.

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